My Transformation through Yoga

We all go through difficult times in our lives that affect us differently and change our journey. While difficult, they are necessary in shaping our character and strengthening our resolve. To better acknowledge and appreciate happiness, one must experience sadness. To that end, allow yourself to feel, appreciate that things may not go as you want, but they will shape you up to handle something harder in the future. Marilyn Monroe said it best: “Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.”

Much like many of you, my life has several elements that are quite difficult to handle. Sometimes, things happen back to back that it gets very overwhelming for me. In my case, I developed this mechanism to cope by numbing my feelings in order to go about my day. Overtime this became a habit and I practically numbed all of my feelings. Eventually this led to depression, to which my doctor prescribed anti-depressants to cope with both depression and anxiety. While this helped, I was still experiencing anxiety from time to time, sometimes randomly and other times due to several stressful elements that arose.

My good friend Babi invited me several times to try out the yoga classes she attends, however; for some reason I did not go. Then one day, this soft voice inside my head said: “Get on the mat! Yoga and meditation will save you!” As a result, I decided to try it. From the first class, I was like “Wow” this really helps. I began to realize that the more I practiced yoga, the happier I felt. Yoga helped me feel whole and connected somehow. It certainly did not cure me, but it helped me transform myself and my life. It also gave me this drive to achieve and become better at it, every time there is a pose that I cannot perfect, it becomes a goal for me to get to a level where I can perfect it. This gave me a sense of achievement and improvement that can translate to other elements in my life. It is ok not to be the best at it at the beginning, but with practice and determination, I can transform to become the best. This applies to all parts of life.

When I decided to try yoga, I went in with an open mind and with a desire to heal myself. I was looking for something to ease my struggles, as such, it did. It is very important to go into something with an open mind and spirit. Perhaps the times Babi asked me to join her; I was not mentally ready for it. Finally, when I was, yoga helped me enhance my patience, develop a new thought pattern, feel self-love, stay in the moment, and truly relax. Staying in the moment is critical for me, because my mind can wander off into the fearful future, especially given my daughter Hala’s undiagnosed condition. Through the meditation routines at yoga and the words of wisdom spoken by my instructor, Ewa Joseefson, I was able to fully recognize my self-worth and accept my powerlessness in certain situations. In addition, yoga taught me to trust that life is good, whether or not things are going well. This newfound positivity and ability to relax was a feeling I wanted to feel every day. I was hooked! That is why I practice yoga every single day!

Interestingly enough, it was due to my falling apart that I finally was able to come together and start Mimilicious. Once my mind was in a good place, I was able to combine my new found love for yoga with my love for fashion. I decided to become a “Yoganista” mixing fashion and yoga.

Stay strong through your journey, love yourself, believe in the magic around you and you will persevere.


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  1. Dana
    Dana says:

    What a great quote “sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” Such an inspiring message ❤️


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