Mimilicious is the blog of Miriam Ghandour, a Lebanese born in Paris, currently  living  in  Miami. Her  mother,  Farah,  was  a  trendsetter  and stylist to many clients in the Middle East. Farah had her own boutique showcasing  multiple  high-end  European  brands.  While  growing  up Mimi  worked  in  her  mothers  boutique  and  much  like  her  mother, developed  a  passion  and  love  for  style  and  fashion.  As  such,  Mimi decided to embark on a new journey to share her passion for fashion and style complemented with yoga, health and positive thinking.

Mimi practices yoga almost daily and her fashionable outfits and style to  class  has  gained  the  admiration  of  many.  One  day,  a  classmate came up to her and asked: “Are you a fashion blogger?” Mimi humbly said: No,  I’m not…” to  which  the  classmate  responded: “Well  you should  be  a fashion blogger, because  I love  your style and how  you put  things  together.  Please  consider  it.”

That  same  day,  before  she went  to  bed,  she  started  her  blog  via  Instagram.   She  thought
of several  names at first, then a light switch came on as she recalled a term her friends use to describe things that she would wear or enjoy “Mimilicious”.  As  such,  Mimi  decided  to  make  the  name  of  her  blog and brand “Mimilicious”.

In  her  blog,  Mimi  will  address  not  only  her  passion  for  fashion  and yoga,  but  also  her  travel  adventures  as well  as  her  journey  through the  difficulties  she faces daily  with her beautiful  daughter, Hala,  who suffers from Hypotonia.

Feel free to say hello at miriam@mimilicious.net.